• Fruit harvesting technology

Fruit harvesting technology

The for many years lasting trend towards mechanization of staff-intensive and therefore expensive  work steps does not stop at the agricultural sector. In times where fruit drinks are becoming increasingly popular, the automation of the cider fruit harvest advances more in the center of economically-minded fruit hosts.

In order to harvest and profitably commercialize the fruit cider from local orchards against the increasing competition from so-called low-wage countries seems the consideration likely to buy a fruit harvester machine. For over 30 years ago our motto is to specifically meet these needs.

Surrounded by protected orchards in the state Baden-Württemberg the family enterprise from Erbstteten has become the market leader in Europe for fruit harvesting for apples, pears, plums and walnuts. Rationalization of the fruit crop with the highest quality standards to the harvested fruit in terms of cleanliness, integrity and pick up rate has become the selling point of the machines.

The fruit harvest is divided into two areas:

For both harvesting operations, the company Feucht offers a wide of range of equipment, specifically adapted to the customer's requirments. Rope shakers, trunk shakers as well as hand-held and drive-on harvester machines with numerous configurations and accessoires form a balanced range of equipment for almost every individual case.


Before the cider fruits can be collected with a fruit harvesting machine, the fruits must be shaken if they have not yet fallen down from the the tree themselves.  Indeed this activity is particularly time consuming and exhausting.

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Fruit harvester machines

The machines are similar to very strong street sweepers. They are easy to use and with them the fruit harvest is really fun.

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