Harvester machines OB 50 and OB 70

Picking the fruit machine OB 50 and OB 70 is the smallest and cheapest fruit picking machine worldwide.

The Honda engine with 5.5 horsepower allows speeds of up to 7 km/h. This easy-to-use machine has a very good collective performance and up to 99% of the soil/dust is not collected. The rotor made of rubber the speed is variable, takes on the fruit and transport it in the widely used plastic basket, which can be replaced by empty ones stored on the machine.


  • Very maneuverable and easy, with short, compact design
  • Very good cleaning of the fruit, leaves and grass
  • The steel parts are coated in plastic. Compared to conventional coatings it is much more professional and UV resistant optimum grass length between 15-25 cm in length grass
  • Our machines achieve the highest percent of pickups (almost 100% without damaging the fruit by gentle absorption of the rubber lip at the minimum and maximum fruit density. During the end call the fruit is cleaned of leaves and grass
  • The device is easy to use

Technical data

Working wide: 500mm / 700mm
Engine: 5,5 PS Honda-engine
Drive train: 3 forward speeds one reverse speed, mechanical differential
Length: 900 mm / 1100 mm
Wide: 1200mm / 1450mm
High: 1210 mm
Tires: behind 3.00 - 4 AS Profil, front 16x6.50-8
Weight: 116 kg / 152 kg
Pick up adjustment: at front wheel with rings
Pickup capacity: up to 1,5 Tonnen/h / 2,5 Tonnen/h
Users: Private persons, communities, proffessionals
Fruit kinds: Apple, pear, walnuts, hazelnuts, citrus fruits