Harvester machine OB Future I

The largest machine for fruit plants.

4 Functions in one machine

  • Sweeping the fruits and overlappingin the next line
  • Pick up
  • Overload in the next line in a trailer
  • Cleaning Nearly 100 % separation of fruit from grass and leaves


  • Our machine are reaching highest pickup rates (nearly 100 %) without damaging the fruits
  • 3 Plantrotors to sweep the complete line Fruit transport over the lines in a maximum high of the trees of 5,9 m
  • Seperate cleaning elevator
  • All wheel steering and the rear steering can be switched on / off
  • 6 Hydraulic pumps for the oil volume with 2 oilfilters an oil cooler
  • Professional cabine with heating, radio, video-camera 2 pcs ( 1 frontrotor right and 1 for overloading)
  • 4 wheel drive with automatic differential look
  • Main functions are on the joystick and the others ar on a separate board
  • Air suspension seat with turntable for the seat
  • Cockpit is ajustable for the driver
  • Line wide is possible from 4,6 - 8 m

Technical data

Pickup wide: 800 mm
Engine: 90 HP diesel engine VM-Detroit
Dive train: Variable speed forward and return with 2 speeds with automatic differentiollock on all 4 whee
Lenght: 9700 mm
Transportation: 3140 mm
Working position: 4300 - 5300 mm
Transportation: 4700 mm
Working position max 6900 mm
Tieres: Trelleborg 500
Weight: aprox. max. 4500 kg
Pick-up System: Patended pickup system with the sweetes pickup on the world
Pick-up capacity: Up to 10-30 Tonns / h depends on the logistic
Users: big farmers
Fruit kinds: Apple, pear, citrus fruits