Trunk shaker hydraulic

Feucht hydraulic shakers VHB / D / E / S / Y are characterized by strong but gentle bark grippers.

Working with the tree shaker is very simple. The gripper attached to the three point linkage of a tractor encircles the trunk to the tree to be shaken.The pressure on the gripper attached rubber jaw is adjustable. A hydraulically driven gripper shakes entire tree. Cherries, plums and mirabelles, apples, pears, olives or nuts can be harvested hereby more effectively and quickly.

The shaker grippers for logs are with a diameter of 10 to 43 or 60CM  available.

Designed for the high trees VHT has disclosed a telescopic backwards and sideways sliding grab.

VHP Trunk Shaker movie

VHT Trunc Shaker movie

VHE Trunk Shaker movie

The shunting effort is reduced significantly when the orchard trees are arranged in rows.

Therefore, the VHP gripper is only shiftable parallel to the sides. Nevertheless, a shaking activity of up to 400 trees / hour is achieved.