VHD / B / E trunk shaker

Ordinary shaker with 2-way control device

Rootshaker without mechanical control device

Ordinary shaker with electronic control unit


  • Ease to use
  • Tree and root gentle shaking
  • Subitable for young and old trees
  • Subitable for tree heights of 1 up to 20 meter
  • Dynamic start due to the hydraulic drive
  • Shaking head independently from the frame, hung on chains

Technical data

Stability: Mechanically welded frame.
Shaker head is independent from the frame, but held by four chains.
Shaking efficiency: about 75 trees/hours
Hydraulic oil tank: 30 L
Length: 3,00m
Width: 1,70m
Height: 1,15m
Weight: 660 kg
Trunk diameter: 10-60cm
Minimum power of the tractor: 50 PS