VHP parallel trunk shaker

The trunkshaker is set for a trunk diameter of 5 to 65 cm.

The vibrating masses are controlled by two hydraulic motors and thus you get a dynamic start.

The opening and closing as well as the vibrations, and the orientation of the clamp is controlled by a joystick in the cab.[nbsp

]The tractor must have at least 70 HP.


  • The tightening of the tree trunk may take space from 0.3 to 1.3 meters.
  • This makes it possible to shake trees with different diameters : from d = 50 mm and d = 250 mm or d = 250 mm and d = 400 mm (the adjustment should be performed by the operator himself and is dependent on the position and structure of the orchard
  • Thanks to the shaker's head low-vibration-scale movement, the roots and trees are protected.
  • Also possible to shake young trees
  • Hydraulic gear pump
  • Opening and closing the clamp, vibration and direction are controlled by a joystick (electronic control), which is mounted in the drivers cab
  • This machine shakes 400 trees per hour
  • All functions are hydraulic
  • Star Moderate vibration by a single belt drive
  • Minimum tractor requirement: 70 hp
  • Imbalance is compensated by two hydraulic motors, which ensure a dynamic start.

Technical data

Length: 2,80m
Width: 1,27m
Height: 1,15m
Weight: 812kg (without back balance)
190 kg (with back balance)
Hydraulic oil tank: 140 L
Mechanically welded frame
Shaker head independent from the frame, with two chains held
The two support points of the shaker head are built in parallel to reach 2.50 m wide
Masses are controlled by two hydraulic motors, so you get a dynamic start