VHT trunk shaker without front sweeper

This shaker is particularly suitable for very old and large trees. The circumference of the trunk can be up to 65 cm. It can grab the trees at any point at a height between 0,5 and 3,5 m due to its long telescopic boom and therefore it is very efficient.

The unbalance of the shaker is driven by two hydraulic motors, thus ensuring dynamic start of the shaking. All moving parts are hydraulically operated, adjustable at any time.


  • The telescopic shaker drives straight down the tree row shaking each tree and thus provides more efficiency and avoids damaging your field
  • The tightening of the tree's trunk can be done from 0,50 m to 3,50 m height and up to a circumference of 1,60 m (Ø 500 mm)
  • The distance between the wheel and the tree is 1 m minimum up to2,50 m maximum
  • The telescopic shaker can vibrate from 180 up to 200 trees/hour
  • The shaker can be quickly mounted and removed

Technical data

Stability:Mechanically welded frae with a telescopic arm Mechanically welded frame with a telescopic arm.
Shaker head is independent from the frame but suspended by 4 chains.
Masses are driven by two hydraulic engines which gives a full starting up dynamism  
Stroke of the runner: 1,50 m
Length: 3,70 m
Width: 1,20 m
Height: 1,40 m (low position)
Weight: 1 280 Kg
Position on the road: 2,20 m wide
3,40 m high