VHY trunk shake

How dose it work

  • For trunks from 0,50 m to 2,40 m high and up to a circumference of 1,60 m (Ø 500 mm)
  • Vibration with a single belt drive
  • All movements are hydraulic
  • Masses are driven by two hydraulic engines which give a full starting up dynamism
  • Minimum tractor power requirement : 60 HP
  • Opening and closing as well as vibration of the clamp are done by a hand drive (mounted on the shaker)


  • Electrical control
  • Oil cooler

Technical data

Mechanically welded frame with adjustable arms
Shaker head independent from the frame, suspended by 2 points
Hydraulic adjusting of the orientation of the head
Oil tank: 140 L
Length: 3m
Width: 1,17m
Height: 1,20m
Weight: 975 kg