CH P98/200 PI cleaner


  • The P98/200 PI cleaner is suitable for separating hazelnuts and chestnuts from leaves, earth, twigs and empty shells.
  • The P98/200 PI cleaner is suitable for small hazelnut producers and has an output of 2.5 t/h.
  • The P98/200 PI cleaner has a consumption of 5.5 kW/h at 380 V.
  • It is also available on request with a pre-cleaner and this increases the hourly quantity from 3,500 kg to 4,500 kg.
  • The sack turner is suitable for all cleaners and makes work significantly easier.

Technical data for P98/200 PI cleaner

Length: 1700 mm
Width: 1200 mm
Height: 2700 mm
Weight: 480 Kg
Motor: 5,5 kW
Voltage: 380 Volt
Number of motors: 4
Number of staff: 1