Hazelnut cleaning

In the case of large quantities of hazelnuts or chestnuts, it’s better not to think of washing them by hand. In order to separate them from leaves, earth, twigs and empty shells, we offer hazelnut cleaners in various designs.

  • CH P98/120 DV cleaner
  • CH P98/120 DA cleaner
  • CH P98/200 PI cleaner

Benefit from our expertise by using our hazelnut cleaners in your mechanical nut processing. We are your skilled point of contact when it comes to hazelnut processing technology!

CH P98/120 DV cleaner

The P98/120 DV cleaner can process 500 – 600 kg/h


CH P98/120 DA cleaner

The CH P98/120 DA cleaner can process 1,000 – 1,200 kg/h


CH P98/200 PI cleaner

The CH P98/200 PI can process 2,000 – 3,000 kg/h