Hazelnut cracking machines

Hard shells, sweet kernels: cracking nuts is an accurate business. Our hazelnut-cracking machines quickly and easily crack small and medium-sized quantities of hazelnuts and have a calibration function.

  • P80S/P80 cracking machine
  • P200 cracking machine

Benefit from our expertise by using our hazelnut cracking machines in your mechanical nut processing. We are a skilled partner when it comes to hazelnut processing technology!

P80S/P80 cracking machine

The P80S/P80 cracking machine has a cracking output of 25 kg/h and a calibration function.


P200 cracking machine

The P200 cracking machine can crack 50 kg/h, has a calibration function, a storage container and conveyor belt, mechanical speed control, two sorting drums and the ability to separate out kernels and/or nuts using two mechanical deflectors.