Multi stage dryer for nuts

After washing, the nuts must be dried. Here they are stored. After 48 h of drying the nuts are ready for sale.


  • The sections are bolted and galvanized
  • Centrifugal heating with various heating capacities, depending of the load size
  • This system is the most economic because of the air flow and the large heat output
  • Walnuts are pre-dried on the upper floors and ready dried in the lower flows
  • This allows a higher drying temperature (30 to 35 ° C)


  • The multistage (Multi-Storey) dryer is equipped with many doors and with a central opening
  • After drying they are transported by gravity
  • All-over drying possible because the nuts are constantly moving

Technical data

Length: 2,09m oder 2,59m
Width: 2,09m oder 2,59m
Height: Depending on the number of floors
Weight: Depending on the number of floors