Nuts cnacker Micro

The nut cracking machine can be  transported very easily due to its low weight and dimension.

A very gut cracking result is obtained when the nuts are pre-calibrated and thus have the same size.

The 50 ltr. reservoir can easily be refilled.




  • Cracking without calibration
  • Working without supervision
  • Minimized crack of the walnut halves


  • Empty shell removal blower 400 for the extraction of 20 to 30% of the shells
  • stands

Technical data without stands

Length: 0,65m
Width: 0,65m
Height: 0,62m
Weight: 72 kg
Flow: 15 bis 30 kg/h

Technical data with stands

Length: 0,84m
Width: 0,80m
Height: 1,62m
Weight: 84 kg
Flow: 15 to 30 kg/h