Walnut washer and huller

Walnuts must be washed and cleaned after harvesting from small branches, soil, leaves and green shells. This walnut washing machine is equipped with thick steel bars, which ensures a first-class cleaning.

The machine can also be used for potatoes, hazelnuts and peach stones.

Up to 40% of the green shells can be removed proportionally. If the proportion is higher you have to choose the walnut huller.

Technical data

Types: L15 L20 L25 L36
Length: 2,4m 2,9m 3,4m 3,9m
Heigh: 1,5m 1,5m 1,5m 1,5m
Width: 0,9m 0,9m 0,9m 0,9m
Weight: 215 kg 285 kg 415 kg 550 kg
Speed: 0,6t/h 1,2 t/h 1,5 t/h 2 t/h
Drum dia.: 66cm 66cm 66cm 66cm
Water supply: from above from above from above from above