• Rough grass mowing technology

Rough grass mowing technology for John Deere

With the new Feucht rough grass mowing you can mow grass stocks over 100cm height. The specially developed "double mulching blades" allow the mulching of extremely high grass stocks. The optimum chopping and distribution accelerates the rotting of the grass. 

Extremely high swards can be mulched with the specially designed "twin blades mulch" . The decay of the mown grass is accelerated by the optimal size reduction and distribution.

application area

  • Orchards
  • Flower meadows
  • Extensively used green spaces
  • Christmas tree plantations
  • Vineyards
  • Lawns


  • Reduced power consumption
  • High mowing speed
  • best cutaway view
  • very good grinding of the cuttings

advantages in mowing

  • mow quality and the cut are very clean in short and long grass (100 cm).
  • the cutting deck can not clog as it is very resistant to rain or moisture because the mower space is very large space under the deck
  • no rockfall problems, sincethe ejection is back and is sealed with rubber conveyor belt
  • low power consumption in relation to the width and height of the grass
  • mowing around trees is able on the left and right side because of the rear discharge
  • mulch cut length length between 3 - 5 cm
  • Extremely fast working speed of up to 7-8 kmwith X300-540 and 10-12 km with X 700

technical advantages of our profi-mover

  • exclusiveness for John Deere
  • 4-bearing shaft diameter with C3 SKF bearing
  • cast iron pulleys
  • turned professional idlers
  • high temperature resistant v-belts
  • blade flange of steel with a big flange plate
  • lubricated cutter spindle
  • Shear fuse with 12.9 grade screws on the blades. In case of a break there's always a piece of bolt overapping and this can be unscrewed with pliers or by hand
  • thickness of the deck 4 mm
  • oversized bias of the V-belt with feathers (maintenance free)
  • the main belt is pretensioned with a tolerance of 15 mm