Front mowing decks for Cat. 0

With the new Feucht highgrass technoligy,  you can now mow with a "conventional" John Deere lawn tractor grass with more than 100 cm  height.

The specially developed "double mulching blades" allow the mulching of extremely high grass stocks.

The optimum chopping and distribution accelerates the rotting of the grass.


  • Reduced power consumption
  • Hy. Cylinder for tilting the deck in order for the cleaning
  • Rockfall eliminated by rear shelf
  • High mowing speeds
  • Best cutaway view in high or low grass
  • Suitable for tractors with front hydraulic CAT 0
  • Robust construction
  • Unique service position, which means that the mower can be tilted by a hydraulic cylinder by 80 degrees.
  • This position optimizes the cleaning of the mower because the grass seeds must be removed from the high grass mowing before the parks can be mowed.
  • Furthermore the service work, such as the set-off, grinding or change of the knife blade is simplified a lot.
  • This significantly reduces the setup time and eliminates the risks of accidents through the safe position

Technical data

Working width: 125, 140cm or 170cm
Blades: 6 mulching blades (specially manufactured)
Overall width: 125cm / 145 cm / 175cm
Motor power up by 70 hp V-twin
Belt with automatic belt