Between axle mowing decks

With the new Feucht highgrass-between axle mowing decks,  you can now mow with a "conventional" John Deere lawn tractor grass with more than 100 cm  height.

The specially developed "double mulching blades" allow the mulching of extremely high swards. The optimal crushing and distribution accelerates the rotting of the crop.


  • Reduced power consumption
  • Suitable for John Deere lawn tractors series
  • 172/LX LX 188 to LX 277/279, LX 280/289, GX 355 diesel
  • LT 190 GT 235/245,
  • X300/304/300R, X320, X534/540, X495/595/700/740/748, X415, 455,
  • Best workmanship

Technical data

Working width: 100cm / 125cm / 140cm
Blades: 6 mulch blades (specially manufactured)
Overall width: 104cm / 129cm / 145cm