The “WAL MAN” is a manually operated, simple, inexpensive and fully automated hand-operated cracking machine (Nut-Cracker) with a high cracking efficiency. The design is based on two plates. One rotates while the other can be adjusted in all directions. The “WAL MAN” is best suited for households with few trees. Because of the long lever cracking is done with minimum effort.


  • Cracking performance is up to 30kg per hour for nuts with an average size between 10 and 50mm (walnuts, pecan nuts, acorns, chestnuts).
  • Cracking results for walnuts will be up to 90% after the first cracking
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • Can be used as a standalone on a table
  • Adjustable intake for different types of nuts


The cracking machine Prof is a tool to crack walnuts and hazelnuts. For your own protection you should wear safety googles and gloves when operating the hand-cracking machine. Tip: You will get the best cracking results, if you:



Sort your walnuts for example into the following sizes

  1. Up to 28 mm in diameteris
  2. Up to 32 mm in diameter
  3. Bigger than 32mm in diameter

and adjust the intake plate in a conical shape



Sort your hazelnuts on a grid with mash distances in 2mm steps.
For example 14 and 15mm, 16 and 17mm, 18 and 19mm and 20 and 21mm.

Adjust your cracker to the above mentioned sizes and load your harvest into your cracking machine.

Step 1

Sort your nuts into 3 sizes.

Step 2

Adjust the intake of the hand-cracker to the size of nuts to be cracked by loosening the wing-nut at the back and slide the plate into the correct position.

Step 3

Fill the sorted nuts into the intake.

Step 4

Turn the crank until all nuts have passed the machine.

Step 5

The processed nuts can be collected underneath of the cracker. Separate the kernels from the shells.

Step 6

After finishing one size of nuts, adjust the intake the next bigger size and start from the beginning.


Video: Walnut cracking                                                                       Video: Hazelnut cracking


Technical data

Composition: - Robust welded steel design
- Massive 4-5 mm thick plates
- Ball bearings for longevity
Length: 240 mm
Width: 300 mm
Hight: 570 mm (without lever)
Weight: 11 kg

WAL MAN with drive

Suitable for all commercially available drill!
(Drill not included)